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Structured Cabling
Distributors and dealers the best quality and value in structured cabling , network cabling and structured wiring.Efficient cabling can add a degree of efficiency and smoothness to most business procedures. Cabling provides your company with a way to enhance communication and maintain contact both inside and outside company premises and to facilitate easy data transfer. Good quality cabling from structured cab
Door Access Control
Often there is a need to control access to a particular area, a part or whole of a building in commercial or residential premises. For every conceivable door access control need, we at Businesszone have the perfect solutions on offer. Our expertise pans modern day door access control products such as electric locks, magnetic locks, digital keypads, biometric authentication and digital cards based authentication.
Security Systems
The need for top-notch security systems has never been as profound as in today’s times of chaos and disruptions. Business premises needs to be secured appropriately and sensitive business data needs to be protected. Also, most businesses need some form of surveillance systems in place to actively monitor employee activity in real time. At Businesszone, it gives us immense pride to make available world class security systems and solutions for businesses.
Time Attendance
Business zone group is one of the leading distributors and dealers , Time and Attendance software with attendance tracking, time and attendance systems integrated with biometric time attendance. Attendance management is a key operational and HR process in any business environment. For companies, it is of paramount importance to stay on top of the process of employee attendance. This enables them to keep track of irregularities, latecomings and absences. Thus businesses make accurate est
Video Door Phone
Imagine the immense sense of security you get when you know for sure who is at the other end of the door to your house or office premises. This is precisely what Businesszone strives to achieve with its video door phone solutions. The need to achieve foolproof security by implementing adequate security measures pervades all businesses. There is also the need to control access to particular areas and to be able to actively monitor and allow entry to only selected people.
Locks and Brackets
Security is one aspect that one cannot compromise on in any manner. After all, it concerns lives. In corporate offices as well as in households, the need for security is paramount. There might be the need to provide credentials-based access to particular areas of your premises. Another need would be to protect sensitive business data and make it accessible to only a select few valid set of people.
Audio Video Solutions
Both homes and corporate environments need efficient audio and video solutions for a variety of practical purposes and intents. Audio video solutions comprise of an entire range of different systems which can be used in the fields of security, surveillance, access control, communication and entertainment. There can be numerous applications of audio and video solutions at the domestic level, in offices and in public places.
Business zone group is a prominent CCTV dealer, distributor. CCTV made available by CCTV Companies in Oman allows you to remotely monitor specific areas or locations via video feed from security cameras. Thus you are in command and can instantly be aware of security breaches if there are any, and take immediate action, with the help of Security System Companies in O
Environment Monitors
Nowadays, most businesses have computers and servers to server a variety of purposes. If you take a look at modern offices, most of them have large data centers and server rooms. These environment monitors observe the temperature conditions and move in swiftly to preserve the health of these important machines in case of spikes in cooling/heating. Needless to say, for your server rooms and data centers to function properly, you need to maintain a smoothly operating internal environment.
GPS or Global Positioning System has penetrated multiple aspects of commercial and personal life in today’s times. GPS makes it possible for you to accurately view your location on a map, find places, get directions for travel and plan routes for transit. From being a novelty, GPS technology has progressed leaps and bounds and is now almost a household requirements for most people.
Our company distributors and dealers ,PBX is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.Installing a resident PABX system is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to manage business communications. Telecommunication technology has evolved considerably since the time of the wired telephone. The PABX or Pri
CCTV Accessories
Wide range distributors of CCTV Camera Accessories includes cables and connectors. In a number of business and public domains, there is a constant need for maintaining security and surveillance. There are many methods which can be adopted if you want to effect efficient surveillance of a particular area. With robust and reliable CCTV cameras and monitoring equipment made available from Businesszone, you have a way to monitor activities in real time- this puts you in a position whe